Back to School – Lunch Box Ideas

You won’t believe your eyes when you see these amazing Bento Boxes. Isn’t the “Devil Wears Prada” one above hilarious! While I don’t expect that many of you will send your kids to school with lunch boxes like this, I do love the idea of filling up a Bento Box for them. They not only make lunch a little more interesting but they also encourage kids to eat from a larger variety of food groups!

Plastica has colorful and wonderful plastic Bento Boxes that are great to send with the kids to school or for after school snacks. They are sturdy but beautiful. They are $38 so they are better for older children who will be responsible enough to bring all of the pieces home! features a wonderful Bento Box in primary colors for the kids that comes with a spoon and fork and even a container for dips or dressings.
-If your little one hates crust then you must invest $9.95 in William Sonoma’s Sandwich Cutter. It comes with a sandwich box and will shave a few minutes of crust cutting off your morning routine!
-Don’t forget to pack a note! You could simply write one yourself or print off these adorable pre-made notes from Activity Village! There are also many tear out books of pre-made notes out there. I like Lot’s of Hugs in a Lunchbox by Joy Stevans.
-And if you are worried that they are skipping over their veggie servings at lunch you can sneak them in using tips from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious! A few of her recipes can be found on!

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