Pet Travel Safety Tips

Lola is a lucky little pooch. She is unabashedly spoiled and has traveled the globe with me!

With Pet Airways making news, I thought I should check it out! Seems to me that it is great for those of you who take a long summer break and want your pets to join you. Their website is fantastic and includes great ideas and tips for Pet Travel. You can tell that the people behind the pet service have a true passion for the passengers.
Lola is, thankfully, small enough that she can ride along in my carry on so I usually keep her right by my side. I hope that you will let your pet join in on the fun this summer but please make sure that they are always kept safe. Here are a few tips:
-Make a reservation for your pet. There is probably going to be a fee involved but grin and bear it. The love and licks you will get upon arrival will be well worth it! If you are taking your dog on board, check with the airline about their weight requirements and travel bag requirements. Many of them have strict policies including that only two pets can be on any plane at one time, one in the first class cabin and one in coach.
-Always book a non-stop flight. There have been horror stories about people loosing their pets because they don’t make the proper transition or get lost in the shuffle.
-Put a strong collar and clear ID tag on your pet. Also make sure their kennel is marked properly with their name, your information and also a bold “live animal” marking.
I hope these simple tips help make your pets holiday a bit safer and easier. Have fun and stay safe!

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