The Last Lecture

I have just finished devouring the late Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. I hope that you will pick it us and read it as I did. It is truly inspiring and a great follow up to the hit Internet sensation that his Last Lecture became. With his fantastic attitude and optimistic attitude, Randy used is final months of life to impart wisdom on both his students and his own children. We are so lucky that we get to hear it too! It is all about realizing your childhood dreams and I must say that it really makes me think back to what mine were! I am blessed that I have achieved many of mine but I still have a lot more to go! I especially love that he touches on the importance of hand written thank you notes, working as a team, and even filing alphabetically. From major life changing concepts such as chasing your dreams and working hard to detailed little things like not leaning back in your chair, this lecture will ignite a new passion for life in every reader. Order more than one copy because you will want to hand it out to everyone you know!

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