Huggable Hangers

During my training at HSN last week, I ran across the amazing set of Joy Mangano’s Huggable Hangers. I have heard friends rave and rave about these amazing hangers before but I have always enjoyed my matched and monogramed wooden set. Actually feeling and seeing the Huggable Hangers up close and personal intrigued me! I am a convert! I just made my first purchase and ordered 500 hangers in the Dune color. While I am here in Florida, I am having my closet re-painted so I had to empty it out anyway. I am going to use this as a chance to change out all of my bulky and slick wooden hangers with the Huggable Hangers when I get home to re-organize. Joy tells us that we will be able to fit three times as many clothes in the closet and that things will not fall off as easily! The colors are fantastic and will look so pretty. She makes a child size and all sorts of clips and hooks. Treat yourself to some today!

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