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My husband and I love going to Flea Markets in whatever town we are visiting and yesterday we found a charming spot while on holiday in a tiny little town in Canada.  The thing that really caught my eye were all of the hand knit and crocheted baby items!  Even though my little man is almost two, I could not resist scooping up these treasures as gifts for friends.  Even though they were not the bargains you might expect from a flea market, I think the fact that they are made with love makes them far more special than any typical gift that could be picked up in any shop with little thought.  It is not easy to find anything made by hand these days so whenever I find these special treasures, I snatch them up!  I wish that I could make them myself, really!  I have been trying to finish the needlepoint on my son’s Christmas Stocking for 18 months now and I am not even halfway there! These are the gifts that are sure to become family heirlooms.  If you can’t make it to a Flea Market or simply prefer on-line shopping, check out these charming websites:

Bumble Bee Designs from down under (yes, I mean Australia) are truly unique and give the traditional art of knitting and applique and fun and modern new twist.  They are seriously worth the over seas shipping!  Now, if you can tell me that you have ever seen booties this cute then you must send proof!  I think these are just the most precious booties ever ($33 Australian Dollars)!  I love that they make the train design for boys.  Precious boy things are harder to find.

For a very sweet little girl in your life, you might consider this cupcake set ($90).  The set is hand appliqued and about as adorable as it gets!
Green Little Beans (such a cute name!) is filled with wonderful options.  I love their beautiful white blankets but at $80 each I think that they should be reserved for future nieces and nephews!  My other favorites on this site are this hand crocheted bib and bootie set 
in a beautiful and organic natural taupe yarn ($28) 

and this precious little yellow number that any baby should really have her portrait made in ($44)!

Patty Cake Fashions has a nice little variety of crocheted booties ($20), sweater and hat sets and little bib shirts made from handkerchiefs ($35).

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  1. marty39 on July 13, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Such precious baby items. They are all just lovely. Hugs, Marty

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