Protecting Your Pooch

Last night was a scary one!  After arriving home from a fantastic book signing at the beautiful Azure Social Room (photos later!), I could not find Lola anywhere in the house.  I was not sure how long she had been missing and I was so frazzled that I did not pick up my mobile phone when it rang.  After coming to my senses I realized that I should probably check my messages and, sure enough, there was a kind message from a lady named Sarah telling me that she found Lola two streets away!  I rushed over to Sarah’s home and introduced myself.  Lola had already bonded with her daughter Hailey and was all snuggled up.  I think Lola was disappointed to see me!  All of this got me to thinking that it was time to re-visit some of Summer Safety Tips for pets….

-First thing we will do today is walk around the perimeter of our backyard gates and make sure that she can no longer sneak out under the gate!
-Practicing our commands is a good idea too.  We have gotten a bit lax in that area since we brought a baby in to the house.  It has changed Lola’s life so much so I always want to spoil her and forget to enforce the rules sometimes.  This is important because I need to know that she will respect my commands while we are around a road or other people.
-Double check collars and ID tags to ensure that they fit properly and can be read easily.  Thank God Sarah could read the phone number on Lola’s tag last night!
-Summer is a good time to check your yard and walking trail for poisonous leaves and plants.  Dogs can react to certain houseplants as well so be cautious!
-Keep chocolate treats, tobacco products, and medications away from your four legged friends!
-Keep poisonous cleaning and household products up high and out of reach (just like you would for your toddler.)
-Don’t forgot to ask your Vet for advice on protecting your pet from tics, fleas, and heart worm.  There are simple and in-expensive treatments so take the time to seek advice.
-Most importantly, love on them and have fun with them.  There is nothing like the bond shared between master and pet!  Pay them back for their uncompromising love with a lot of summer fun!


  1. Holly on June 27, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    Remember too, that training can be done from your couch during commercial breaks, and it can be a great deal of fun for both you and your dog.

  2. Holly on June 27, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    PS. I'm glad you found her safe and sound. She's a lucky girl.

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