Lemon Seeds!

While having lunch last week with the lovely and talented party planner Ashlee Klienert of In Any Event, I took a sip of my refreshing Iced Tea and a little lemon seed made it’s way up the straw and into my mouth!  Ashlee had just finished telling me that she was meeting with her friend and etiquette expert, Melina Kelly, the next day.  I didn’t know what to do with this seed that would not make Emily Post roll over in her grave.  I tried to take it out with my fork, as Emily advised people to do when they had food in their mouths that they could not swallow for some reason.  That didn’t work as the seed was too small!  I didn’t want to swallow it so I tried to take it out as discreetly as possible with my fingers.  After I had removed it, I asked Ashlee if she would kindly ask Melina for her advice on this every day issue.  Melina advices that when faced with the dreaded lemon seed, simply place a napkin up to your mouth and remove it as you would a piece of gristle.  There you have it!

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