Do You Know Where You Are Going?

I ask my husband this question every single time we get in the car to go to a party.  Of course this is after he has pulled out of the driveway and started heading down any street he feels like going down.  His answer is usually “no!”  Needless to say, a map would really be helpful!  Of course we all have access to great driving directions on the Internet but I love the idea of including something charming and informative in an invitation.  Check out these adorable maps by Merry Maps!  They are the perfect solution for your parties.  You could go ahead and have some designed for your home and include them in all of your invitations or you could wait for a special occasion and have them designed specifically for your locations.  They would also make a great Save The Date card for a destination wedding.  If you have a second home that you often invite guests to, you should have Merry Maps make up a card for you that you can send out to all of your visitors.  All of the maps are hand drawn and are created based on your personal details and favorite places to dine, shop, and visit.  They can be drawn for any city or location around the world!  To order yours, contact Daley Harris at 214-202-0822 or

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