Big Table – Little Notice!


One of my favorite Texas Hostesses, Carla McDonald, sent me this fantastic photo of her New Years Eve table.  She did a fantastic job of whipping a breathtaking table together with inexpensive items from Hobby Lobby and Party City!  Here is what she writes:

Here’s a picture of my very last-minute New Year’s Eve party table, which I did all by myself!  We decided about a week before NYE to do this party so I scrambled!  I took all the Christmas ornaments off of the slim flocked trees and replaced them with New Year’s Eve 2009 stuff: noisemakers, crowns and hats, 2009 glasses, streamers, etc.  On the table, I used a silver lame fabric for the tablecloth, Lucite candelabras and lots of votives.  I made a bunch of small arrangements of white cabbage flowers with glitter sprinkled on them to make them festive.  Cabbage is supposed to bring good luck and I didn’t want to serve any!  I also put white boas on the backs of the girls chairs so that they could have fun with them all night and flirt with their dates, which they did.  After dinner and a champagne toast, we had the solarium cleared out and turned it into a disco with a microphone for singing along to classics like Car Wash.  It was such a hoot!!!  I always say, I’m never happy unless I’m planning a party!
Thanks so much for sharing, Carla!!!  Send us more of your fantastic celebrations!

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