Recording the New Year

I love looking back through my ten year journal and reminiscing about days past.  It is also a fun way to record goals and keep yourself accountable.  The pages are organized in the most fantastic way. Every day of the year is given one page and each year is given about four or five lines per page.  That is the perfect amount of space for someone like me who wants to keep track of the days activities but doesn’t have the time to write long essays.  The problem with my ten year journal is that I have not ever been able to find one that is very attractive!  I often give the ten year journal away as a gift but it doesn’t exactly make the best impression visually!  When I saw Pottery Barns fantastic Monthly journal set I was thrilled because, even though it has simple lined pages, it can still be used in the same way that the ten year journal is used.  Simply write a date at the top of each page (January 1, January 2, etc….) and write the year down the left side of the page every time you make an entry.  You can go back and write in it year after year and then look back at what you did on January 1st 2009 while you are writing about January 1 2010!  The beautiful colors will inspire you to keep note of all of your special days and will also look fantastic on your desk or bedside table.  Best of all, it is now on sale for only $69.  Don’t miss this chance to record your New Year and the best moments of the years to come.

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