Thank You notes

I love writing Thank You notes for several reasons:

No. 1:  They are quick reminders of all of the little blessings we have to be thankful for.
No. 2:  I am completely obsessed with Stationery and writing Thank You notes give me a chance to make a selection out of my stationery wardrobe.
No. 3:  It is so much fun to get them in the mail so I know that I am brightening someone’s day!
I still like the “old school” handwritten Thank You notes even though I think an email  is great if it is in addition to snail mail. In some cases, even a phone call is also necessary.  More on all of this later in the blog…
This first entry is my official Thank You to my friend, Tina Craig, the infamous snob blogger (,, for helping me get my blog all set up!  Of course, she will get a hand written note in the mail in a few days too…

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