Expecting Someone?

Summer house guests on their way?  You should do something nice to make their stay a little bit more memorable.  Little things go a long way with a guest who is staying over and the easiest way to come up with ideas is to think back to your favorite hotel stay and recall the tiny touches that made it so special.  Maybe it was just a chocolate on the pillow or a sewing kit in the closet. Whatever it was, do what you can to make your home like a hotel.  

There is a difference between necessities and niceties.  Fresh soap in the shower is a necessity but flowers beside the bed are a nicety.  Co-ordinating hangers in the closet and a bottle of water beside the bed are necessities but a cd player with a few of your favorite cds and a detailed street map of your area are niceties.  See my list below for more suggestions:
Necessities Niceties
Fresh and Clean Sheets Lavendar sachets 
inside the pillows
Bottle of water Fill a carafe with 
beside the bed water and lemon
Food and snacks A basket of local 
in the kitchen delicacies in the guest room
A few books in the room Your favorite new books 
wrapped as a gift  
Lamp beside the bed Candles beside the bed
 with a monogrammed 
box of matches
A set of clean towels A robe behind the door
A friendly greeting A welcome basket with 
upon arrival a map & camera
A warm goodbye A send off gift 
(framed photo, photo
 album or memento)
Memories of a good time A travel kit with 
a Sudoku book, pencil & 
Most importantly: Enjoy your guests and have fun!  Play together, cook together, dine together but also give your guest some alone time too.  

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