Dog Party

Having a dog party is one of the greatest ways that I can think of to celebrate the unique bond shared between dogs and their owners.  It is also a great way to celebrate your pet passions with your friends who share them!  Decorating for a dog party is a blast.  Check out my Dog Parties: Entertaining Your Party Animals book (Gibbs-Smith, $19.99) for more ideas but find inspiration in this simple centerpiece as well.  Before you fill your favorite glass vase with flowers in your party’s color scheme, use a glue gun to fasten a wide ribbon around it and then to adhere simple milk bone treats.  Add your favorite chic flowers and you are all set to celebrate.  You can use any flowers and any ribbon bu I love the contrast of the black velbet ribbon and the cheerful colors in the arrangement pictured above.  Send me photos of your dog party!  

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